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Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

Our experts work with customers as an extended arm to understand their data challenges and design custom solutions using proven and leading technologies to unlock hidden opportunities and insights.

Cael infosystem helps you make sense of your data and enables you to make better business decisions. No matter how small or big is your data, our expertise will support your endeavor in managing data. Cael infosystem's data analytics services provide a comprehensive set of data, analytics and business intelligence capabilities to derive insights from your data. Our services range include:

  • Enterprise data management
  • Big Data
  • OLAP
  • Data warehousing and Business Intelligence
  • Advanced and Predictive analytics
  • Data visualization and reporting
Data Analytics

We combine our deep domain expertise and industry experience to help you develop actionable insights from your business data.

Application Services

Application Services

Customers are demanding personalized experience

Custom Application Development

Cael infosystem’s custom application development services help you to drive business effectiveness and build a personalized experience for your customers

System Integration

Our integration services include applications and enterprise systems integration that provide:

 Application Integration Assessment and Strategy

 Integration of data with SharePoint

 Integrating backend systems with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

 Server Implementation, Optimization Services

 Cloud Integration Solutions

 Network Integration

 Payment gateway integrations like paypal,Avangate,Clover gateway , etc

 Hybrid Integrated Applications (Desktop, Web and Mobility)

 Integrating ERP systems

 Integration of client facing portals with backend system

 ERP Integration services

 Business Continuity Planning

 Platform Integration

 Billing and Remote printer integration

Managed Services

Cael infosystems believes in getting organizations ready for the future of their business and thus pave their way to success. we offers managed services as 'IT as a Service' (or ITaaS) to organizations that find it difficult to manage IT internally. While focused towards small and medium business, we also believe ITaaS is a transformational business initiative for forward thinking organizations.

In ITaaS business model, we treat IT as an independent business rather than just another function or department in your organization. And this sets our managed services apart from traditional managed services. The ITaaS is not limited or dependent on cloud computing but is enabled by underlying technology models such as Infrastructure as a service (IaaS), Platform as a service (PaaS) and Software as a service (SaaS). Managed services thus become a part of ITaaS business model.

Managed Services

Infrastructure Management Services

An efficient and optimized infrastructure can be a strategic differentiator for businesses. Cael infosystem’s rich experience in managing hybrid infrastructure environments helps companies optimize their technology infrastructure and deliver business objectives. Our Infrastructure services include:

 Planning & Design

 Cloud and Virtualization Services

 Disaster Recovery

 Enterprise Systems Management

 Service Automation

 Implementation & Operations

 Migration and Upgrades

 Network Monitoring and Related Services

 Infrastructure Applications Management

 Backup & Restoration

 Remote Monitoring

 Database Administration

 End User Services

 Network Services


 Server & Application Consolidation

 Security Audits

Application Management Services

Growing complexity and connectivity calls for enterprises to adopt newer approaches to managing enterprise applications. Cael infosystem understands the increasing complexity in applications management and offers state-of-the-art services to ensure robust processes and compliance across the enterprise. Our application management services include:

 Application monitoring and reporting

 Security and hardening for effective access controls

 Application administration and troubleshooting

 Remote distribution and version management

 Configuration and backup management

Support Services

Cael infosystem’s extensive expertise and proven support system ensures your business runs smoothly. Our support services include:

 24x7 Service Desk and Help Desk

 Technical Operations

 Global Delivery Model

 End User Services

 Remote Monitoring Support

 Enterprise Application Support

Strategic Outsourcing

Strategic Outsourcing

The current global business environment supports the conclusion that for accelerated business benefits such as lower operating costs, improved business processes as well as smooth, timely and efficient integration of various acquisitions into a cohesive business organization, an inevitable shift to IT-enabled shared services is of paramount importance. The institutionalization of shared IT services has to subscribe to an 'industrial scale' with efficient delivery of a variety of IT solutions and services.

Cael infosystem's outsourcing practice offers a full scope of services to meet these global needs. We provide onshore, offshore and nearshore managed services to our clients with a unique proposition and multifaceted expertise. We offer world-class skills, technology and resources to consult, design, develop and deploy business processes and IT solutions under a multi-year contractual relationship. Our business optimization objectives such as:

 Improving competitive positioning

 Reducing costs while meeting deadlines

 Optimizing and maintaining the integrity of current business applications

 Relying on skilled resources with state-of-the-art technology knowledge

 Utilizing innovative and emerging technologies like cloud, analytics, and mobility